Oxford Area School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Oxford Area School District is a public school district located in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. The district is comprised of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. As with most public school districts, the Oxford Area School District has a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with its teachers union. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for the district`s teachers.

The current CBA for the Oxford Area School District was negotiated in 2018 and went into effect on July 1st of that year. This agreement will remain in effect until June 30th, 2021. The CBA covers a wide range of topics, including salaries and benefits, working conditions, and job security.

One of the most significant terms of the CBA is the salary schedule for teachers. The salary schedule specifies the base salary for teachers based on their education and experience. In addition to the base salary, teachers can receive additional compensation for advanced degrees, years of experience, and other factors.

The CBA also outlines the benefits that teachers are entitled to, including health care, retirement plans, and life insurance. The district offers a variety of health care plans, including PPO, HMO, and high-deductible plans with health savings accounts. Teachers are also eligible to participate in the Pennsylvania State Employees` Retirement System (PSERS), one of the largest public pension plans in the country.

Another important aspect of the CBA is working conditions. The agreement specifies the number of hours per week that teachers are required to work, the length of the school day, and the number of days in the school year. It also outlines the procedures for evaluating teachers, discipline, and grievance resolution.

Finally, the CBA addresses job security. The agreement provides for a seniority system that gives preference to teachers with more experience when layoffs or job openings occur. It also outlines the procedures for transferring, dismissing, and suspending teachers.

Overall, the collective bargaining agreement for the Oxford Area School District is an essential document that provides a framework for the relationship between the district and its teachers. It ensures that teachers are fairly compensated, have access to benefits, and work in safe and supportive conditions. While negotiations can be challenging, the end result is a document that benefits both the teachers and the district as a whole.

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