Why is Online Video the Future of Online Marketing?

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google(and owned by Google).

Why is Online Video the Future of Online Marketing?

Did you know that over the Bank Holiday’s weekends YouTube is becoming search engine number one? People have more spare time and with 4G networks being widespread connectivity is not an issue in certain areas like London, Cambridge and other technologically advanced cities. The video is slowly dominating the Internet and marketers should embrace its power if they are not doing it already.

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Advantages of Property Video Tours

What are advantages of property video tours?

I have listed some of the main advantages of property video tours below:

  • It is very easy to share video on social media
  • Buyer can see the property in more real terms, instead of looking at static pictures
  • Increased buyer’s interest to book a viewing
  • Not expensive in comparison to print media advertisement
  • Can be viewed all over the world rather than locally
  • Sets you apart from your competitors who are not using Video Tours yet
  • Users love video and are more likely to share it on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter
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